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Heroclix Iconix Marvel Hall of Armor

Heroclix Iconix Marvel Hall of Armor

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Showcase the magnificent armors of Tony Stark in HeroClix like never before with Marvel HeroClix Iconix: Hall of Armor! Whether you are displaying them in a hall of your own or deploying them to the battlefield, these iconic armors will take your collection to an all-new level.

Each legendary suit comes with a special display bay or stand to showcase your own collection of armors or display any other standard-base HeroClix figure! Specifically made for you, the collector, Iconix captures the moments that you love from the comics universe and brings them to your game shelf, play table, or HeroClix collection.

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This item contains:
- 1 Model 1 Armor figure
- 1 Model 37 Armor figure
- 1 Hulkbuster Armor figure
- 1 Thorbuster Armor figure
- 1 Aqua Armor figure
- 1 Armor Display Stand
- 4 Armor Display Bays
- 5 Character Cards
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