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Brackenberries PvP

Blood Rage 5th Player Expansion

Blood Rage 5th Player Expansion

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The proud Ram clan is ready to make its stand in the world of Blood Rage! Hailing from a harsh mountainous region, these Vikings area hardy folks that will never shy away from battle. Wielding their axes and hammers, they charge headlong into the fray.

-This expansion add a 5th Clan to the game, so that 5 players can play

-Adds 24 new Gods' Gifts cards meant to be addded only when 5 players are playing

-To play with 5 players, no provinces are destroyed at the beggining of the game to make more room for all to play

-This is an expansion. A copy of the following is required to play: Blood Rage

Language : English
Hobby type : Advanced
Age : 13+
Time : 60-120 min
Number of players : 2-5
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