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Heroclix Iconix DC Harley Quinn Roses for Red

Heroclix Iconix DC Harley Quinn Roses for Red

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The queen of good intentions…

Harley Quinn has a penchant for misguided displays of affection, but when it comes to her love of Poison Ivy, she really does mean well. Through three decades of misadventures and harebrained schemes, she has proven her unwavering loyalty, friendship, and adoration for the brilliant crimson-haired villainess. Naturally, she wants to make Valentine’s Day unforgettable. She knows that Pammie loves plants – so why not a bouquet of roses?!

That lovable thorn in her side…

Driven by her dedication to the Earth and disdain for those who destroy it, Ivy is not easily tempted by the soulless corporate invention that is Valentine’s Day. All those cards tossed into landfills…. All those flowers snipped and slaughtered…. It (obviously) offends her sensibilities. Despite her careful and methodical nature, she has a distinct weakness for Harley’s reckless shenanigans. Hopefully she accepts Harley’s latest floriferous faux pas!

DC HeroClix Iconix: Harley Quinn Roses for Red offers an endearing look at the sweet, comical love of Harley and Ivy, largely inspired by the story “Bosom Buddies." Styled after their appearances in the Batman Adventures series, these two ladies are loaded with personality and attitude. Treat yourself or your Valentine to this beautiful collectible, which features two awesome figures that play perfectly together on the battlefield (even if Poison Ivy is still a *little* angry).

This product contains:

Two figures and their character cards
Harley Quinn
Poison Ivy
Windowed box with diorama display
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