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Brackenberries PvP

Dice Forge

Dice Forge

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Heroes, get ready! The Gods offer a place at their side to the one who will triumph over his competitors. Your dice are exceptional: their faces are removable! Customize your dice during the game to become more powerful. Make offerings to the Gods to get better dice faces. Control your destiny by controlling your dice luck, only the best will join the Gods!

-Control your luck! Change the sides of your dice to increase your chances of getting what you want.

-Perform divine tasks and slay mythical creatures to ascend to victory!

-Collect resources to improve and change your dice.

-An easy to organize box for quick games

MSRP: CAD $74.99 /EA
Language : English
Hobby type : Beginner
Age : 10+
Time : 45-60 min
Number of players : 2-4
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