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Disney Villainous: Marvel Venom

Disney Villainous: Marvel Venom

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Dominate the Marvel universe as the insatiable and sinister Venom in Marvel Villainous: We Are Venom - the first single character expansion in the Marvel Villainous line. Take on the role of the symbiote and work towards a defeating Spider-Man while fighting off iconic other Marvel Heroes as they deal twists of fate to their opponents from a shared Fate deck. Manage to overwhelm Spider-Man with your Symbiote tokens before anyone else reaches their goal and you win!

Can you overcome your opponents as the sentient alien symbiote, Venom? In this single character expansion designed by Mike Mulvihill, you’ll need to merge with Spider-Man to win. His allies, the other symbiotes will assist in this goal, but look out as heroes like Black Cat, Scarlet Spider, and Mary Jane Parker will try to stand in your way. This expansion requires another Marvel Villainous product to play.

1 Villain Mover, 1 Domain, 30 Villain Cards, 12 Fate Cards, 20 Tokens, 1 Reference Card, 1 Villain Guide

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