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Flesh and Blood Bright Lights Booster Pack

Flesh and Blood Bright Lights Booster Pack

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Metrix City, the bustling metropolis where ambition meets innovation, where the future of Rathe is reinvented daily in the research centers of its mighty conglomerates. Wannabe heroes flock to the bright lights of this big city, blinded by the neon signs flashing slogans that you too can “Become more than human!”

Bright Lights takes Flesh and Blood game play to new frontiers of innovation, with the first ever equipment that start the game in your deck. Transform your base equipment into state-of-the-art Evo equipment and construct the mech suit of your dreams!

To celebrate our first visit to the highly anticipated region of Metrix, this all Mechanologist set offers a limited play experience like no other. Countless card combinations open up a vast array of booster draft archetypes, the official Bright Lights sealed deck format is the best bang-for-your-buck yet using only FOUR booster packs, and the new 3-Pack Crack, Shuffle, Play casual format is the easiest way to start playing yet, skipping deck construction and jumping straight into playing great games!

Expansion Slot
Bright Lights introduces the Expansion Slot, a new feature starting with Bright Lights that offers new content to a range of heroes outside those featured in the product itself.

The Expansion Slot replaces a token in around 1 in 15 boosters, similar to how Cold Foils have replaced a token slot in recent Flesh and Blood boosters.

Expansion Slot cards are high rarity cards that either:

Expand the story within the wider world of Rathe.
Expand the tournament card pool of classes and/or talents outside the core focus of the product.
Serve as an avenue to reprint key cards, such as Fyendal's Spring Tunic which is one of the cards possible to find in the Bright Lights Expansion Slot.
When booster drafting, Expansion Slot cards are removed from the pack and kept by the person who opened them, the same as you would do with Cold Foils in previous sets. Simply remove the last 2 cards from the booster before you start drafting each pack, which will either be 2 token cards, or 1 token + an Expansion Slot card or premium foil card such as an Extended Art, Legendary, or Cold Foil.

Become More than Human
Don't settle for ordinary. Become more than human, with advanced Evo technology available now from your favorite local conglomerate!

Driven by the pursuit of alternative energy resources, the giant conglomerates of Metrix push themselves to the limit and beyond, striving to make life bigger, better, and brighter for everyone in the City of Wonder.

Bright Lights introduces brand new gameplay mechanics to Flesh and Blood, with the first ever equipment that start the game in your deck! Transform your base equipment into state-of-the-art Evo equipment and construct the mech suit of your dreams... then stomp the competition!

Crank It Up!
Metrix is in the age of steam, an energy source Mechanologist heroes mainline to power up their gadgets, gizmos, and equipment in their race to build the city of tomorrow and beyond!

The new crank mechanic makes items more playable than ever, and with 30 items in the set, Bright Lights is geared up to get your cogs spinning!

Crack, Shuffle, Play
Bright Lights introduces the new 3-Pack casual play format that's as easy as Crack, Shuffle, Play!

3-Pack skips deck construction and jumps straight to the fun part - playing great games! Simply crack 3 packs, remove tokens and equipment, shuffle the rest together, choose your hero and weapon, and play!

It’s never been easier to pick up and play Flesh and Blood.
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