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Magic the Gathering Murders at Karlov Manor Clue Edition

Magic the Gathering Murders at Karlov Manor Clue Edition

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With any good mystery, there's always more to uncover. Whether it's Clue or Cluedo to you, you'll have the opportunity to solve a murder with Magic at its heart.

Arriving February 23, 2024, Ravnica: Clue Edition (or Ravnica: Cluedo Edition for many locations) includes both flavorful reprints and new-to-Magic cards for an experience that combines Clue's timeless, immersive crime-solving experience and cast of colorful suspects with Magic's strategic depth all within the beloved Ravnica setting. Crafted by Magic designers, this is a fun and thematic way to share the game with new and veteran players alike.

This play experience is self-contained, with everything you need inside the box. You'll find the iconic suspects, rooms, and weapons all represented in a ready-to-play experience.
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