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Heroclix Iconix Marvel Spider-Man Double Identity

Heroclix Iconix Marvel Spider-Man Double Identity

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"I'm Spider-Man!"

"No, I'm Spider-Man!"

What could be better than a Spider-Man miniature figure? Two Spider-Man minis! But which one is the real Spider-Man? You'll have to take to the battlefield to find out!

Spider-Man Double Identity is the first-ever Marvel HeroClix Iconix release. Made specifically for the collector, Iconix captures the moments that you love from the comics universe and brings them to your game shelf, play table, or HeroClix collection.

This Iconix release brings to life a beloved scene from the "Double Identity" episode of the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon that has found a second life spreading virally around the comic and online communities becoming a culturally iconic Spidey scene!

Few moments in TV, animated or otherwise, are as memorable as this one. Don't miss the chance to add it to your collection!

This product contains:

Two unique Spider-Man figures in iconic pointing poses
Two character cards with unique web foil pattern
Windowed box with diorama display
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