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Murder Mystery Party: Mission Black Hawk

Murder Mystery Party: Mission Black Hawk

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An immersive mystery game
Uncover Cartel Cyber Threat: Agent Usher is missing, and suspicions of MIB officials colluding with the Zipacna cartel have arisen. Recent intel indicates an imminent cyber attack. Your mission: breach the cartel's financial networks, seize the attack funds, and deploy field agents to thwart the operation in real-time.

Immersive Murder Mystery Case File: Dive into a thrilling narrative with realistic evidence, including victim and suspect photos, crime scene photos, newspaper articles, other case evidence, online hints and solutions.
Crack the Case Like a Detective: In Murder Mystery Party Case Files, investigate motive, means, and opportunity to solve the murder, mirroring a real detective's approach.

America's Beloved Mystery Game: Discover Murder Mystery Party, a favorite among true crime fans since 1985. Perfect for a dinner party with friends and family or even solve the murder on your own!
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