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Puerto Rico 1897

Puerto Rico 1897

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A Reimagining of a Classic Game

The year is 1897 A.D. Puerto Rico has shed the last remnants of colonialism and looks to reshape itself for the modern world. ​As an independent, landowning Puerto Rican farmer in this new era, you will compete with other local farmers to hire workers, grow, sell, and trade valuable crops, as well as build vital city infrastructure. ​Will you accrue more wealth and prestige than your opponents and become the most prosperous farmer in the land?

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Age:    12 +
Playing time:    90 - 120 min

Content / equipment:    Contents: 6 boards, 50 goods, 100 workers, 20 noblemen, 5 ships, 51 doubloons, 58 tiles, 50 victory point chips, 10 role cards, 91 buildings tiles, 1 rulebook

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