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Senjutsu: Battle for japan

Senjutsu: Battle for japan

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A tense, fast-play Samurai duelling game, with beautiful miniatures, expansive deck-crafting mechanics and memorable showdowns.

Senjutsu is a Samurai Skirmish Game for 1-4 Players, set in the Warring States Period of Feudal Japan. Playing as a unique Samurai, you will battle opponents in tense, thematic duels that will decide the fate of your clan.

The Path Of The Ronin Solo Narrative Campaign is a beautiful Campaign Book- meets Graphic Novel told from the perspective of a Samurai living in the period. As they wander through the tumultuous land, they'll be tested and have to fight to survive. The outcomes of your efforts will shape the narrative as it unfolds and change your Samurai's abilities as you play.

Choose from the Student, Master, Warrior and Ronin, crafting a deck of 40 Ability Cards to represent your Samurai and their fighting style.

​Winning the game is simple, inflict 5 wounds to the enemy Samurai and they are defeated.

Senjutsu includes a beautiful hex-based Battlefield Board which provides the perfect gaming surface for this tight, melee-driven board game.
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