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Sorcery Beta Elemental Preconstructed Decks

Sorcery Beta Elemental Preconstructed Decks

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Introducing the four elemental preconstructed decks, the easiest way to start playing Sorcery: Contested Realm. Each of these decks contains 36 spells and 16 sites dedicated to one of the four classical elements of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. On top of that, each deck is led by a powerful Avatar that shapes the way they approach the game.

Led into battle by the static-inducing Sparkmage, this deck focuses on mobile minions and magic that can deal damage from afar. Keep an eye out for the Lucky Charm, as it will add an element of precision to several cards that have powerful but random abilities like Lightning Bolt and the Headless Haunt.

With the Geomancer at its back, this deck focuses on straightforward strength, both in individual size and in numbers. Look for minions with a low mana cost for their power like the autumn unicorn, and for ways to flood the board with 1 power foot soldiers like Border Militia and the Ordinary Village sites.

The Flamecaller will burn everything on his path to victory, with a deck that isn’t afraid of collateral damage. Keep your opponent guessing as explosions and flaming projectiles appear from unlikely directions thanks to minions like the Sacred Scarabs and Colicky Dragonettes, and several variations of fire magic.

At the beck and call of the Waveshaper, this deck uses a strong home-field advantage to stall their enemies. Blunt your opponent’s early push with minions like the Brobdingnag Bullfrog and Tufted Turtles, while you build momentum to eventually turn the tide with massive minions like the Diluvian Kraken.
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