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Time Stories - Revolution - The Hadal Project

Time Stories - Revolution - The Hadal Project

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Experience adventures through time and multiple realities.

You are a temporal agent of TIME, an organization at the service of humanity. Time travel is now a reality and you are one of the regulators. Due to recent events, TIME had to modify its operations in depth. It still uses receptacles, but time travel now exploits a technology that combines the very advanced science of the 22nd century with strange esoteric methods passed on by the mysterious Syanns.

Various missions will enrich the TIME Stories Revolution experience. Each of them brings a new universe, new characters, new rules, and new surprises.

Each of the missions is a stand-alone product and can be played in the order you wish.

This mission sends the agents on the trail of a mysterious epidemic ravaging the earth's population, and in places beyond imagination.

In this scenario, the agents are sent to an underwater base located at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

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