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Brackenberries PvP

Wooden Backgammon Set

Wooden Backgammon Set

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This premium Backgammon game is a refined version of one of the world's oldest board games. Combining luck and strategy, this classic game can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. The beautifully crafted set is made of Beech wood and comes in a sturdy case. Great value and craftmanship brings old world charm with a modern finish.

Intex Entertainment Wooden Backgammon Game:
Classic luck and strategy game
Quality craftmanship
Made of solid beech wood
Comes in sturdy wood case
Place tokens on houses of four different values, and in the Townspeople area you need to place tokens on all three types in a pyramid. You can only score each area's bonus once, and importantly each time a bonus is claimed then the value available for later players is reduced.

When someone has placed their final diamond token or when you can't deal a new hand of five cards to each player, then the game ends and the player with the most successful glass dynasty (most points) is declared the winner.
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